[2017-now] Professor, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau
[2016-2017] Invited researcher (Sabbatical), Inria Grenoble
[2010-2017] Assistant Professor, CPE Lyon
[2006-2007] Research Assistant (Gap year), LBNL, Berkeley


2017 - HDR, Grenoble University
Title: Interactive high-level models for 3D virtual shape creation & animation
Field: Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
2011 - PhD, Grenoble University
Title: Active Geometry for Modeling and Animation
Field: Mathematics and Computer Science
2007 - MSc, Saint-Etienne University
Field: Computer Science
Speciality: Optics, Image, Vision
2007 - Engineering Degree, CPE Lyon
Field: Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication and Computer Science
Speciality: Image processing and Algorithmics