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Damien Rohmer

Professor at Ecole Polytechnique in Computer Science
VISTA research team in Computer Graphics at LIX.
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Main ongoing responsabilities

- Vice-President of the Department of Computer Science (DIX) at Polytechnique.
In charge of teaching aspects at DIX (Department courses)
- Head of the VISTA Research Team at LIX.
VISTA (Visual World: Temporal Analysis, Animation and Authoring) is a Computer Graphics and Vision research group.
The team is part of the Modeling, Simulation & Learning group at LIX.
It is one of the three research team in Graphics and Vision at IP Paris - GEOVISTA.
- Coordinator of the "Image, Vision, Machine Learning" (IVA) specialization.
IVA is a specialization track from the CS department proposed to the 3rd year engineering students at Polytechnique (20-30 students/year).
The classes are also proposed in the AI and advanced Visual Computing Master, and IGD Master from IP Paris.
- Steering Committee member of AFIG (Association Francaise d'Informatique Graphique).
In charge of the website and listings of internships/jobs, companies, teaching, research teams in CG. Also involed in the CG teaching working group.
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I am researcher in Computer Graphics working in 3D Modeling, Deformation and Animation of virtual content with a specific focus on efficiency, interactivity and user control. The general objective of my work is to develop novel methods to support and improve creativity, representation, exploration and experimentation with virtual data, possibly adapted to various application domains.

Application Domains: Entertainment (Animation Cinema, VFX, Video Games, AR/VR), Natural Sciences (Medical, Biology), Design & Fabrication (Fashion, CAD, Architecture).

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I teach Computer Sciences and Computer Graphics at Ecole Polytechnique.

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I develop a few Open-Source libraries and scripting tools related to Computer Graphics, Research and Teaching

Research Axes

Interactive Shape & Animation Design
- Sketch-Based Modeling
- Shape and Animation Sculpting
- Space-Time Constraints
Sketching Fashion Products: [CGF21,CGP17, TOG15]
Sketching/Sculpting Hierarchies [SMI19, CGF17, CGF15]
Wrinkles and details: [FoCM18], [CGF15], [SIGGRAPHA10]
Sound-based Animation: [MIG19]
Fluid Sculpting: [MIG16]
Efficient Visual Simulation
- Multi-Scale Physical Simulation
- Coupled and Hybrid Models
- Natural Phenomenon
Natural scene: Volcano [I3D22], Terrain [Frontiers22]
Developable surfaces, Virtual paper [CGF17, SCA16, TOG15]
Biological evolution: [SMO22, jBS15]
Implicit Surfaces & Field-Based Modeling
- Volume-Based modeling
- Collision and Contact Handling
- Shape deformation
Deformers and Contacts [SIGGRAPH19, SIGGRAPHA10]
CSG Modeling [SMO22]
Implicit Skinning: [SIGGRAPH13]
Character Animation and Deformation
- Real-Time Skinning Animation
- Animation principles and Cartoon effects
- Physics-Based Character Animation
Wiggly/Dynamic Skinning [EG21, GI22]
Skinning Deformation [SIGGRAPH13, SCA09]
Character Dynamics: [SCA22, Frontiers22]